Rakhi Sawant to participate in Bigg Boss 15 with her husband

Bigg Boss can start in the month of 15 October. Meanwhile, actress Rakhi Sawant revealed that she will be taking part in Bigg Boss 15 along with her husband. Rakhi Sawant is one of television’s most entertaining celebrities and has a huge fan following.

Recently, he made headlines for his stint at Bigg Boss house, where he entered as a challenger and won the hearts of the audience.
After the show, she made headlines for her mother’s illness where many celebrities came forward and helped her financially. The actress is very active on her social media account and continues to share posts and updates to fans about her whereabouts and upcoming projects is.

These days, she often entertains media people in a great way. In a recent interview, the actress said that she will be back in Bigg Boss 15 with her husband Riteish and that she will also be in Bigg Boss house. Will spend time together and conduct their marriage in the same way as Rubina and Abhinav did.

She thinks that this would be the best option as she has not got a chance to spend time with him, though she does not consider him her husband. When asked about Rahul Vaidya, she said that she should be able to see him till the end of the show. Did not trust.

Rakhi also said that once Rahul makes someone his friend, it is a lifetime commitment and this is the best thing about him. Well, there is no doubt that Rakhi and Rahul’s Big Boss house was a good understanding.

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