Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash’s relationship is in difficult times

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship is going through a difficult phase in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Rashami Desai, who entered the house as a wild card contestant, tells Karan that ‘his’ girlfriend Tejashwi has some problem with her, she is very “insecure” and she can’t handle it anymore.

As per the promo, Karan Kundrra replied to Rashami Desai saying, “I don’t appreciate what she said.” Tejashwi Prakash asks Rashmi Desai if she is trying to fight with him. Rashmi says that it was she who started. Thereafter, they are seen at the dining table where both Tejashwi and Rashmi talk at the same time and this upsets the latter. She gets angry at Rashmi as she continues to talk. Tejashwi shouts at her not to bite her when she is talking. She shouts at him with folded hands to let him speak and she becomes furious.

Karan Kundrra asks Tejashwi not to speak politely and shout, but the latter gets irritated and says, “The more you tell me to be calm, I am going to lose it.” Rashmi says that Tejashwi has not spoken to her since the incident. Tejashwi replies that Rashmi deviates from the main topic and wanders elsewhere.

Karan Kundrra, who walks away because Tejashwi yells at her while talking, returns and shouts, “Baat ki baat ki tameez hai, I am here kisi ki baksh sun ne nahi aaye hoon. (And a glass of rage) Throws it) Yeh koi tarika hai to talk to me.” (She should speak with respect. I am not here to listen to people’s nonsense. This is not the way to talk to me.) Tejashwi wipes her tears and leaves the kitchen area angrily.

Tejashwi Prakash was trying to justify a point when she was talking to Umar Riaz about how he has often given her priority, praying for him whenever he goes for nominations. Tejashwi then asked Rashmi, who was sitting there, the reason behind not saving her during the task. It goes out of proportion and Rashmi says that Tejashwi is feeling insecure as she saved Karan. To this Tejashwi laughed and said, if Karan survives then he will be most happy.

Tejashwi then went to Rakhi Sawant and Nishant Bhat and asked if they wanted to hear a joke. She tells them about the incident and says that Rashmi thinks she is insecure because she (Rashmi) chose Karan over her, and they all laugh.

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