Bigg Boss 15: The situation in the house is getting explosive

Fighting fights have started between the contestants in Bigg Boss 15 and the situation is getting explosive day by day. Afsana Khan and Shamita Shetty fight with each other. During the task, everyone mercilessly pounces on each other and Afsana Khan pulls and kicks Akasa Singh’s clothes. Akasa asked him not to tear his clothes.

Nishant Bhat asks Afsana why he kicked her. To which Afsana replied that she felt like kicking him and that’s why she did so. Akasa called him an ‘idiot’ for doing so. Hearing this, Shamita tells Afsana that she never admits her mistake. This fills Afsana with anger and she asks Shamita who is it to tell her something and proceeds to attack her. In the promo, Afsana calls Shamita a ‘dirty woman’ and regrets calling her ‘di’.

While everyone tells Afsana to calm down, she refuses and Shamita loses her cool and stands in front of Afsana. Shamita asks him to touch her and says, her broken hand is enough for her. “Dude woman, don’t know where she came from,” says Bollywood actress.

Afsana loses her cool and starts breaking things and even kills herself. Karan Kundra yells at Afsana and asks her to keep her mouth shut.
On the other hand, the rest of the contestants looked very tired and tired after the task and some were trying to sleep and rest. However, Afsana, Akasa, and Shamita’s fight wake everyone up.

On the other hand, according to TRP, the first week of Bigg Boss 15 could not impress the audience. The weekday episode garnered 1.1 million impressions while the Weekend Ka Vaar episode garnered 2.0 million impressions. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupama are ruling the TRP charts as always.

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