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Bigg Boss 15 Voting Poll & Results

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Bigg Boss 15 Voting Poll Results

Bigg Boss Season 15 (Overview)

The contestants list is out and you will get the latest information about The contestants, their profiles, when is the show going to start, how to vote for it. 

Rubina Dilaik​
Abhinav Shukla
Eijaz Khan
Jasmin Bhasin
Nishant Singh Malkani
Pavitra Punia
Nikki Tamboli
Sara Gurpal
Rahul Vaidya
Shehzad Deol
Jaan Kumar Sanu

Started in 2006 Bigg Boss has completed 14 successful seasons so far. 

Bigg Boss is the most popular reality TV show in India. Produced by EndemolShine India through Viacom 18. 

The show is broadcasted on Colours TV and now it’s also available to watch online on the Voot app.

Season 15 of Bigg Boss is going to have many big celebrities and popular names. Once again Bigg Boss season 15 is going to be hosted by Salman Khan.

How to Add Vote in Bigg Boss 15

Due to the popularity of the show, Bigg Boss allows the audience to vote through different channels for their favorite contestants. 

You can vote through missed calls, voot app, and Google votes. 

How to vote through missed calls

Bigg Boss 14 Missed Call Voting

A missed call is the oldest and most commonly used method for voting. 

Each contestant gets a unique mobile number and for voting, you need to call them on the given numbers.

Every week the nominated contestant’s Mobile numbers are displayed on the show and you have to call them on the given numbers.

You can also find the list of contestants and the mobile number in this post.

Bigg Boss voting through voot app

You can vote for Bigg Boss on voot web and app. When you open You can see the list of contestants who are nominated for the week you have to click on the link and give your vote.

You can also watch previous episodes of Bigg Boss on the Voot app that means if you could not watch your life you can always see recorded videos.

Bigg Boss vote through Google

Google lets you vote for Bigg Boss directly on Google. When the show is going on, you search Bigg Boss vote, Bigg Boss live, Bigg Boss voting poll in the results you will see the list of nominated people for the week.

You Get to vote only once per week on other occasions you can vote multiple times during the week.

How to watch Bigg Boss live?

Watch Bigg Boss live you need to go on voot website or download the Voot app on your phone.

From season 2 colors has been the official channel to telecast Bigg Boss.

You can watch Bigg Boss live every weekday from 9:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. on weekends.

On weekends host of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan communicates with the housemates and it is also the day when one of the members gets eliminated from the house.

It is announced that Bigg Boss season 15 will start from September 2020.

The show will go on for about 12 to 20 weeks.

How to watch live on voot app or website

To watch Bigg Boss live on your phone you can download app and go to the website

Bigg Boss season 15 winner 

Bigg Boss season 1 was aired in 2006 and Rahul Roy was the winner of the season.

Shweta Tiwari was the first female to win the Bigg Boss Title.

Nomination Process of Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss gives a task to house members which starts on Monday. The housemates are Cost to perform the task with the best of their abilities to save themselves from being nominated.

Once the task is completed the housemates nominate each other for elimination. Then Bigg Boss the names of the people who are nominated for the week and their mobile numbers are displayed for voting and they request the audience to save them from being eliminated. 

Elimination Process of Bigg Boss 15

After Bigg Boss announces the names of contestants who are nominated for elimination, the voting process starts and the contestant with the least amount of votes is eliminated which happens in the weekend special episode with the host Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Hindi Audition Details

Bigg Boss 14 with celebrities as contestants later it was announced that even Commoners will be allowed in the house. They will have to meet certain qualification criteria such as no criminal record and health, etc. Every season Bigg Boss conducts auditions for the commoners. 

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Who is evicted in Bigg Boss Today?

Every week we update the results for the week as soon as it is live. You can also take the poll test to see who has more chances of winning Bigg Boss season 15. 

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